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algebra 2 curriculum
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K12 Algebra 2 Tutoring

Elevate your child’s algebraic proficiency with K12 Scholars’ High School Algebra 2 curriculum, thoughtfully tailored for Long Island, NY. Our advanced program combines comprehensive learning, real-world applications, and expert instruction, ensuring your child excels in complex algebraic concepts. Join us in fostering your child’s mathematical confidence and academic growth, equipping them with essential skills for success in higher mathematics and beyond.

Course Overview

At K12 Scholars, our Algebra 2 course helps students succeed in school. We follow a specialized and curated curriculum that helps students understand how to think about math concepts. Our experienced tutors will teach your child essential math skills, rational equations, working with linear and quadratic functions, solving multistep equations, working with complex numbers, and more. We help Algebra students get ready for a STEM based learning experience and state examinations such as regents exams. We provide worksheets, and homework to give your child practice and confidence!

We offer one on one tutoring, group classes, as well as online classes.
The course is packed with multiple choiceword problemscritical thinking questionsinformation graphics and animated questions.

K12 Algebra 2 Curriculum

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