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Middle School

Building Confidence

At K12, we offer personalized tutoring and enrichment for middle school students who need a little extra help or want to get ahead. Our customized programs build skills and excitement for high school, college, and beyond.

We believe that every student can succeed, and we’re here to help you reach your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our personalized tutoring and enrichment programs for middle school students.

The K12 Difference

Our whole student overview.
We go the extra step.

Student Progress Tracking

Grades, homework, progress, behavior, and more are all tracked class by class.

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Individualized Learning Plan

Each child gets his or her own goal and learning plan. This focuses on your child's specific needs.

Small Classes

Your child gets individual attention, every time. We don't just review, we teach.

Qualified Teachers

Qualified and dedicated teachers who have years of experience helping students reach their highest potential.

Daily Feedback

Feedback email goes out every class. This keeps you in the loop at all times on your child's progress.

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Parent Zooms

It takes a village. We set time aside to meet with you on your child's needs and progress.

After School +

Homework Help | Reading | Public Speaking | Debate | and so much more...

Are you worried about your child struggling with homework after a long day of school? Or feeling overwhelmed about how to best support their learning needs yourself? K12’s after-school program provides a personalized approach to guiding each student through homework completion, addressing any knowledge gaps, strengthening study skills, and mastering challenging material. 

We align with school curriculums to reinforce exactly what students need for academic success.

Middle School

English Scholars

Is your child struggling with middle school reading comprehension or writing skills? 

Our skilled instructors help students foster a passion for reading, writing, and communication. We use engaging lessons to strengthen literacy fundamentals, including phonics, vocabulary, grammar, reading fluency, and more.

The elementary years are essential for developing core English abilities. With our tutoring programs aligned to New York standards, students gain literacy skills to last a lifetime. We make reading and writing fun!

Middle School

Math Scholars

Is your child struggling with middle school math or simply wants to get ahead? We help kids master concepts like pre-algebra, graphing, equations, decimals, geometry, and more through tailored instruction.

Lessons are tailored to each child’s needs, whether they need extra help with solving equations or want to learn advanced problem-solving early. 

These middle school years are crucial for developing foundational math skills. With our stimulating curriculum aligned to New York standards, students build computational fluency, sharpen critical thinking, and gain the tools to conquer math challenges. We make learning math fun!

Loved by 1000+ Students and Families...

Hear from real parents and real success stories.

My son has been coming for Summer Camp for two years now. It's something he literally looks forward to every year. Its full day and he gets a ride from home. Every summer I need to find someway to fill his time productively. Math, English, Robotics, Field Trips. I could literally leave him there all year and he wouldn't mind.
Jordan Brown
I work 5 days a week and hold two part time jobs. I couldn't hope to pay this bills without my after school program. It made it possible to leave my child somewhere safe. He got his homework finished and it made my life so much easier.
Roberta Prickett
My child started with Algebra 2 but then started taking ACT classes of the summer. Her tutor helped her do well, and motivated her to apply to her dream school. I couldn't be happier. She got a tutor and mentor to help her along the way. You should give TAS a try. You won't regret it. Highly recommended.
Jamek Ebon

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to teach, guide, and support.

Of course! We understand the importance of thorough preparation for middle school exams and quizzes. Our dedicated tutors offer targeted and comprehensive preparation sessions designed to help your child feel confident and ready. By reviewing key concepts, practicing relevant problems, and offering strategies for effective test-taking, our tutors empower your middle schooler to approach exams and quizzes with a sense of preparedness and ease.

Yes, our middle school tutoring program includes specialized support for a range of subjects, including math, science, English, and more. Our experienced tutors are skilled in simplifying complex concepts, making them accessible to middle school students. Whether it’s mastering math equations, understanding scientific principles, or improving language skills, our tutors provide tailored instruction that supports your child’s learning and helps them excel in their studies.

Absolutely! Middle school is a critical time for developing strong study habits that will serve your child throughout their academic journey. Our tutors play a crucial role in guiding students toward effective study habits, time management techniques, and organizational strategies. By instilling these skills early on, our tutoring not only enhances academic performance but also equips your child with lifelong skills that foster efficiency and success in learning.

Certainly! Our experienced tutors specialize in providing effective test preparation strategies for middle school students. This includes offering practice exams that simulate the conditions of actual quizzes and exams. Through focused review and practice, our tutors help your middle schooler become familiar with the types of questions they might encounter, strengthen their content knowledge, and build the confidence needed to perform well in assessments. Our goal is to ensure that your child is well-prepared and poised to succeed in their middle school journey.

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