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At K12 Scholars NYS Regents Prep Program, we offer specialized tutoring to prepare high school students for the Regents exams. Our certified teachers provide individualized test prep tailored to each student’s needs.

With one-on-one support, students gain the skills and confidence to excel on these high-stakes New York State tests. Our qualified instructors and targeted Regents preparation empower students to successfully tackle the English, Math, Science, and Social Studies exams.

Our experienced tutors identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to focus practice on the specific content areas where they need the most improvement. With our NYS Regents prep, students will gain the knowledge and test-taking strategies to achieve passing scores for graduation.

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Trust us with your child's prep program. We have 10+ years of experience helping students reach their HIGHEST SCORE EVER.

Full Topic Review

Our program provides your child with fully customized one-on-one tutoring based on their unique needs and goals. Experienced tutors will tailor prep to focus on your child's specific areas for improvement.

Individualized Learning

Our program provides your child with fully customized one-on-one tutoring based on their unique needs and goals. Experienced tutors will tailor prep to focus on your child's specific areas for improvement.

Online & In Person

Your child can take online or in-person classes to prepare for every section of the Regents. This gives them the flexibility to learn with the same teacher at their convenience.

Progress Tracking

We provide your child with full-length practice tests and quizzes to benchmark their progress throughout the program. Detailed score reports will highlight your child's gains and allow tutors to adjust their approach.

The K12 Difference

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At One Affordable Price.

#1 Regents Prep on Long Island

Unlimited Classes

Students get all the help they need without the stress of payments or bills. This is how learning should be.

Unlimited tutoring provides flexibility and removes worries about additional costs if your child needs more support. Attend as often as required to fill knowledge gaps, strengthen skills, complete homework, and prepare for exams – all for one affordable price. We want to relieve the stress of trying to fit education within tight time constraints.

With unlimited tutoring from our experienced teachers, your child will have constant access to academic support. No more struggling to make time or being left needing more help. Let us provide the individualized instruction students require, when they need it, with our unlimited class offering.

Exam Prep
Real Students. Real Success.

"I got my HIGHEST score after working with K12. They made the difference."

Chris P.

Geometry Regents

Score: 100

The geometry tutoring was extremely thorough and helped me master all the concepts on the Regents. I went from 70s to a perfect score. The tutors make all the difference.

Aditya S.

Chemistry Regents

Score: 100

Chemistry was really challenging but my tutor explained everything clearly and made sure I was comfortable with the labs. I felt ready to apply my knowledge on test day and passed the Chemistry Regents.

Sara L.

Algebra 1 Regents

Score: 98

Getting one-on-one help with algebra allowed me to clear up gaps from earlier years. My tutor gave me practice for the exact skills I needed for the Algebra 1 Regents. I never felt uncomfortable during the exam.

Our Regents Curriculum

We take students through the NYS Regents step by step. See an overview of some of our topics.

Affordable Pricing

Our program has many affordable pricing options to fit different family budgets. We understand the costs associated with quality education and are dedicated to making our tutoring accessible. 

In addition, we provide further cost savings for families. Siblings receive discounted rates for our tutoring services. We also offer a $250 back to school credit to help offset the costs of a new academic year.

We strive to make our tutoring even more affordable. We are committed to making high-quality education accessible, with pricing discounts and savings to meet every family’s budget.

NYS Regents Curriculum

We take students through the NYS Regents Prep step by step. See an overview of our detailed teaching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to teach, guide, and support.

At K12 Scholars, we have developed a comprehensive approach to help your child excel in their NY Regents exams. Our tutors are skilled in aligning tutoring sessions with the specific NY Regents curriculum, ensuring that your child covers the essential topics and concepts required for success. Through targeted instruction, practice, and review, our tutors guide your child in understanding complex subject matter and mastering the skills needed to perform well on the exams. We prioritize not only content mastery but also the development of effective test-taking strategies to maximize your child’s performance on the NY Regents exams.

Absolutely. Our tutors possess a deep understanding of the unique requirements and content covered in NY Regents exams. They have extensive experience in preparing students for these exams and are well-versed in the format, question types, and subject-specific content that students will encounter. This expertise allows our tutors to provide tailored instruction that directly addresses the content and skills needed to succeed on the NY Regents exams. With their in-depth knowledge, our tutors ensure that your child is well-prepared to tackle the exams with confidence and achieve strong results.

Yes, we offer specialized NY Regents tutoring for a variety of subjects, including but not limited to biology, algebra, history, and languages. Our experienced tutors have a deep understanding of the Regents curriculum and tailor their instruction to ensure that students master the subject matter and perform exceptionally well on the exams.

Yes, our tutoring program includes mock NY Regents exams that closely resemble the actual test conditions. These mock exams serve as invaluable practice opportunities, helping students become familiar with the pacing, format, and style of questions found on the NY Regents exams. This practice enhances their confidence and readiness for the real exams.