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College Application Seminar

Registration Ends: Nov. 1st.

Price: Free.

In partnership with Alliance of Divine Love – Heart of Giving and PanRelief, K12 Scholars is hosting a free college application seminar where parents, students, first time applicants, immigrants, and anyone who wants to apply can learn the process. We will go over all relevant parts of the application process.

The seminar is in person. You must have a seat reserved to be allowed entry.

Seats are limited and registrations are required.

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Our SAT Curriculum

We take students through the SATs step by step. See an overview of our detailed teaching.

Exam Prep
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"I got my HIGHEST score after working with K12. They made the difference."

Brandon C.

Score: 1510

I was worried about the SAT, but this program really prepared me and helped me feel confident going into the test. My score improved by 200 points! I’m now set for getting into my top choice college.

Aditya S.

Score: 1520

I learned useful strategies from the reading and writing sections that I was able to apply right away. The program gave me the skills and practice I needed to ace the SAT. I improved 190 points overall.

Krish M.

Score: 1560

The online classes were so convenient for my busy schedule. I loved that I could access the lessons and practice tests anytime. My tutor also gave me great tips for improving in math which was my hardest section.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to teach, guide, and support.

Our expert LI SAT instructors pinpoint each student’s weak areas and content gaps. We develop personalized study plans using official College Board practice tests to track progress. Students improve scores through customized drills, test-taking strategies, and thousands of real SAT practice questions. Our proven LI SAT prep builds skills, confidence, and score averages that regularly meet or exceed student goals.

Self-studying often lacks direction which leads to inefficient use of time and slow progress. Our structured LI SAT program provides real-time feedback and focused instruction from tutors with 99th percentile scores. We ensure students spend prep time effectively, working on the right concepts for their ability level. Our tailored curriculum and expert guidance boosts scores more than self-study ever could.

LI students attending weekly 2-hour sessions for 3 months typically see score jumps of 100-150 points. Those who commit to our prep for 6+ months usually see remarkable increases of 200+ points. Our customized study pace is designed to maximize your child’s unique SAT score gains.

Our LI students gain test-taking speed, endurance, and confidence. They master time management, eliminate recurring mistakes, and conquer challenging questions. Most importantly, they have significantly less stress and anxiety on test day since they’ve prepped extensively with our experts.